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Subject: The Geisha boy Part IThe usual warnings prevail. If you are not
old enough.. If it is illegal where you
live if it drives you crazy or murderous or
rapacious... etcThis is entirely a work of fiction.
The Geisha Boy - Part I
Indigo IndianThe sun rises. Mist paints purple streaks
across the nearest hills. It is Japan. It
looks like a Japanese painting. In the
foreground the boy, kneeling but in an
upright position, slits his eyes and gazes on
the lifting, glowing, life-giving orb. His
kimono is red and gold. The garden around him
is full of colours.A man approaches. The boy swivels on his
knees and kowtows down to him. The man smiles
and softly claps; once, twice, his hands join
and make a small sound.The boy rises vertically in a smooth flowing
motion without using his hands. He follows
the man into the nearest room, through the
lacquered-paper door. Inside, the man loosens
the sash at his illegal cp photo waist. The boy does the same.The man nods to the boy who continues to
disrobe. He is naked beneath as his clothing
drops to pile upon itself upon the marble
floor. Soft downy wisps make shadows in the
hollows of his loins: wisps which cannot
become more substantial no matter how strong
the sunlight. Beneath them, his boyhood hangs
loosely, its cp lagoon porn alex cp galleries form coming to a fine point of
loose skin. The overall effect of him is
alabaster. Pale yet smooth, like the material
of statuettes.The man inhales, gasps. The boy is a vision
of banned xxx cp beauty but does not know it. He has been
brought here just three nights previously;
bought for free pics cp sites pennies from his poor family and
removed from his cp porn pink home of 12 summers on the
edge of the sea. When he arrived he still
reeked of fish but a bathing in the hottest
of tubs and the rubbing of every inch of his
body with mint leaves had removed it, leaving
him glowing.In just a couple of dozen hours he has been
taught the basics of being a boy geisha. He
thinks he will become just another boy
prostitute in a house full of them. The man
knows differently. He recognises that this
boy will be the Diva of the house one day.
His beauty, his form, surpasses that of all
the other boys working there. From the black
lustre of his hair to the almond pools of his
eyes; from his immature sex to the slender,
desirable shape of his body.His name is Ling Moon and already he has
enjoyed the kids cp illegal pics
pleasures of giving and receiving
sexual gifts. In his first hours, his penis
jerked and pulsed to his very first orgasm in
the mouth of the Master. He cried out in
surprise and exultation. Since then he has
lost count of the number of times he has felt
those incredible sensations that make his
eyelids flutter, his knees weak and - on the
third occasion within 30 minutes of his first
- his consciousness to drift away like an
autumn leaf on the wind over a breezy lake,
leaving him softly to recover.His penis is rising already in anticipation
of experiencing the same again. He wonders if
he will eject his seed today and if not,
when. He has had the seed of other, older
boys splatter across his belly and chest as
his Master manoeuvres them acrobatically
about boysex cp his body in the teaching of Ling.His Master calls a name: Yun tuan. Yun comes
in quickly, but without running. He is one
summer beyond that of Ling and the newest
novice has admired his lithe grace but so
far, has not seen him naked.Yun stops short and bows deeply. The master
mutters something under his breath and Yun
removes his loincloth, his only cover.
Beneath, his skin is the same golden colour
as the rest of him even though it has never
enjoyed the heat of the sun. Where Ling has
just shadow and wisp, Yun is blessed with a
cropped bush atop his cock. His foreskin
curls beneath the end of his penis like a
comma and a few more words from the Master
has the cock twitching and stretching.Yun moves to a point directly in front of the
naked Ling and bids free pics cp sites him kneel. Ling does so
and his mouth is in direct alignment with the
swelling member of Yun. The older speaks and
Ling leans forward a little and takes the
semi-rigid cock into his mouth but holds
there, not moving.Yun speaks asian ethnicpass movies the one word, "tongue", cp trailer portal
and Ling
begins the dance of the tongue in which Yuns
now hard cock is lapped and laved, slopped
and slurped by the inexperienced boy. Ling
lifts his hands and holds Yun's buttocks. He
pulls and pushes the older boy softly and
gently, mouthing the steel-hard shaft within
its soft, velvet sheath. His tongue searches
within the puckered tip and spears beneath to
the fold of skin that joins prick-skin to
cockhead. Yun responds with a shiver and a
sigh. Ling is a quick learner and is
pleasuring him well. After a while of cp 10 yo this
the master speaks again, just one phrase;
Ying Yang!The boys both drop to the floor and Yun
adjusts himself so that his mouth is now
ready to enclose Ling's cock in the same way
that Ling's illegal cp video
mouth is also in alignment. They
begin to suck. Ling finds his whole body
becoming alive like it never has been before
and as his golden piece of heaven approaches,
he tightens his lips around the older boy's
rigidity, forcing his tongue into the folds
of loose skin to swirl around and around the
tightly bound penis head. The older boy's
whimpers tell Ling he has got it right and
excite him to the point of no return. Ling
find himself whimpering as the astonishing
build up cp porn portals commences. He feels Yun's member
swelling within his mouth too.Yun's tongue pushes into Ling's own foreskin
and, for the first time in this pleasuring,
it rolls back and Yun's rough tongue rasps
across his frenulum sending Ling into spasms
of delight as his orgasm jerks and swells and
pulses his cock into softness. Coming down
from his natural high, he feels the older boy
push hard and suddenly feels the jets hitting
the back of his throat. He coughs and
splutters but has already been taught that
this is something to enjoy so he swallows,
the very action giving even cp links more pleasure to
Yun.Ling's day has begun and he will experience
heaven many times more as his training
programme proceeds.
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